The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Investing in Your Dreams

StartFragment I used to be an avid scrapbooker. I had a plethora of scrapbook papers, stickers, die-cuts and more embellishments than I had room to store. One crisp fall night, I curled up in my bed and watched a Christmas segment on QVC. This particular segment featured items for a Crafty Christmas. It was filled with holiday card making kits, scrapbooking page layouts, the new Martha Stewart line…. You name it! I completely resisted the urge to shop until they showed it- THE CRICUT! Yes, THE CRICUT completely changed the world of scrapbooking as we knew it… And all I knew was that I had to HAVE IT! Well, that wasn’t quite all….. I also knew that $399.00 for the cutting machine and $5

Keys to Becoming a Successful Event Planner

Last week I shared my tips on how I eased into event planning. The common thread that was woven throughout that article was training and practice. Practice? Are we talking about practice? Yes, are talking about practice. Perfecting your practice will lead to perfecting your plan. Training is essential if you have never managed an entire event or been paid for your services. Skipping the training or practice steps can be detrimental to your destiny as an event planner, because in most cases there is not an opportunity for a do-over. Lastly, all event planners are not required to have a certification, so it's important to know what type of events you plan before spending hundreds on a cou

Easing into Event Planning

One of the most common questions that I get asked as an event planner is, “How did you get started?” So, I will take this opportunity to share my candid tips on how I eased into event planning. I intentionally used the word, “ease” because there are definitely some areas of event planning that you may want to hone your gift a little more before taking on daunting affairs such as weddings and other large celebrations. Which brings me to my first tip: Start at home…. I can remember setting our kitchen table for the holidays as a child. Although our cutlery was often mix matched, bent and battered, the placemats were so old that the colors started to fade and the homemade centerpiece lacked

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