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A few years ago, my bff Alisha introduced me to the world of Youtube!  I was still semi-afraid of social media, so I was a little reluctant to venture off into it… One faithful night she told me about a YouTube channel entitled, At Home with Nikki, and how she had this amazing candy buffet.  Well, the party planner in me could not resist-and so- I mozzeed {yes, that’s a word in the south} on over to her channel and 5 hours later I was still there.  As fate would have it, Nikki and I connected via Facebook. After a while, I began to share some of my parties and unbelievable bargain finds with her. She instantly encouraged me to start a YouTube channel.  Thus, Living Luxuriously for Less was birthed. 

This channel encompasses everything that involves shopping, dining, decorating, celebrating, traveling and enjoying everyday Life for Less!                    to join the Luxe for Less family! 

Luxe for Less...

Prince Baby Shower

How to Create a Party Backdrop

Diamonds, Diapers and Dior Baby Shower

Fall Wedding Tips & Ideas

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