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Easing into Event Planning

One of the most common questions that I get asked as an event planner is, “How did you get started?” So, I will take this opportunity to share my candid tips on how I eased into event planning.

I intentionally used the word, “ease” because there are definitely some areas of event planning that you may want to hone your gift a little more before taking on daunting affairs such as weddings and other large celebrations.

Which brings me to my first tip: Start at home…. I can remember setting our kitchen table for the holidays as a child. Although our cutlery was often mix matched, bent and battered, the placemats were so old that the colors started to fade and the homemade centerpiece lacked luster…. I stood back and admired it with great pride. In retrospect, it was definitely and eye sore and our Charlie Brown Christmas tree that was nestled next to it didn’t offer a shimmer of hope. However, my family loved the spirit of joy that it ushered into our home.

Once you are comfortable with what you have created in your home, venture out to find another safe place to cultivate your gift of event planning such as church or work. I cannot count the number of break room baby showers or fellowship hall festivities that I have planned and decorated. With each event I learned something new, found out what not to do {the hard way} and gained a little confidence too! Be sure to pictorially document your journey as you will be amazed at how God will break, bless and multiply your gift once you given it back to Him.

Thirdly, volunteering for large non-profit organizations in your area will yield more learnings than you can imagine. Several organizations such as the American Red Cross, Big Brother Big Sister and United Way hosts huge formal events each year to raise money for a worthy cause. Learning how to organize, market, map event flow, decorate, layout spaces and successfully carryout a large scale event is all easy experience to gain if you are willing to serve. By serving and achieving you will see a difference in your skillset and be a difference maker in your community.

By now, you should have gained more insight about the industry and whether or not it is something that you really want to do. Satisfying the perquisites will enhance your perspective of what it really takes to plan and event from start to finish. The end is always glamorous

, but many fail to see the grind. If you have reached this step in the process and you are still as excited as you were when the journey started…. It is time to get down to business. Start offering your services in exchange for the décor used at the event. This will allow you to build your inventory at no cost {other than time} for you. Remember, everything until now was strictly volunteer. Once your basic inventory has been established, start pulling together a price list that is conducive for your region. Finally, set up mock tablescapes, create albums of your previous events and share them on every social media platform that you can find. It is the best tool for marketing, advertising, and most of all, it is FREE!

Before you know it you will be turning visions into reality! Happy Planning!