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My Secrets to Shopping off Season

One of my principles for Living for Luxuriously for Less is to always shop off season. Shopping off season allows you to purchase high quality name brand items for up to 90% off the ticketed price.

This weekend many of our favorite stores such as Target, Walmart, Kirkland’s and Hobby Lobby will drop their prices on Halloween and fall items significantly as they are preparing for Christmas. This is the perfect time to secure the items that you have been eyeing all season long- waiting for the perfect price!

I am no expert, nor am I affiliated with any of these stores, however, today I will share with you my secrets to securing the best for less.

  • Tip #1: Set a budget! The deals will be amazing, but no matter how good the deal is….It’s a “NO DEAL” if you do not have a purpose for it!

  • Tip #2: Scout out the stores see exactly what items you want. Make a list and take pictures just in case you need to enlist the help of a friend to find it at another location.

  • Tip #3: Look for items that are multifunctional. There are so many items that are “labeled” Halloween or fall, but can be used at any time of the year. These are the items that I key in on especially for event planning and entertaining.

  • Tip #4: Think ahead. Now is the perfect time to purchase seasonal home décor items for next year.

  • Tip #5: Know the sale cycles of your stores. This is perhaps the most important tip of all! I will give you a {guide} as to what works for me, but keep in mind that your store may vary. Just be consistent in following up. Consistency is the key catching great deals!

  • Target- 70% off sales typically starts 2-3 days after the holiday. 90% sale typically starts 4-5 days after the holiday. Mark down days are typically Saturday night or Sunday morning!

  • Walmart- Almost follows the same sale cycle as Target. The next day after the holiday they go 50%. Within 3 days they go to 75% and within the week they will go to 90%. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • Kirkland’s- Kirkland’s places their fall items on sale about a week before Halloween. This is perfect because you can still use the décor for Thanksgiving! They are currently at 75% off. Keep your eyes peeled because soon they will become green tagged items and that is when the prices hit rock bottom!

  • Hobby Lobby- normally marks down in increments. This season they have done things a little differently. Most of this season their fall items have been 40% off. They have recently moved to 50%. Next they will go to 66% and then 80%. Finally, within 2 to 3 weeks of the holiday they go 90%. Most of the time you will find your bigger ticket items remaining after they go 90% depending on the inventory! If you see something that you love 80% is not a bad price!

  • Michael's- The fall and farmhouse items are currently 80% off at Michael's!!! Talking about some amazing deals.... And the gold tapered candelabra's with dangles are perfect for your next celebration!

I hope that you have found these tips helpful and applicable! ‘Tis the season to shop & save! Cheers to Living Luxuriously for Less!