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3 Tips for Triumphing over Impulse Shopping and Save Money

Living Luxuriously for Less has always been a lifestyle for me. To be quite honest, it chose me… I didn’t choose it. {If you like to know my backstory; you can check out how it all started here}.

Deal finding gives me an adrenaline rush that can not be explained. I can drive pass a store and literally hear a deal call my name. When this happens, of course, I have to answer. After years of answering, I found myself with a closet, garage and every available storage space in our home filled with deals that I never used.

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My entertainment closet and garage mimicked mini department stores. I eventually realized that I had to figure out a strategy to aid me in triumphing over impulse shopping before it completely overtook me. So today, I will be sharing with you three tips that I have used to help me to triumph over impulse shopping.

  1. Love it or Leave It- When I shop now, I shop with intention. If I am looking for a specific item; I have to love it to buy it. If there is one attribute that I am unsure about- I leave it. This has allowed me to avoid so many splurge purchases that were birthed out of desperation.

  2. Ride Or Return- If an item speaks to me in the store; I place it in the cart and make a couple of trips around the store. If I still feel the exact same way about that item-I will allow it to ride… If not, I will return it to the shelves prior to ever leaving the store.

  3. A Meet + Three- If item that I am looking for meets all of the requirements outlined in 1&2- it must pass one last inspection point on the splurge-o-meter. This step consists of asking myself a series of questions that will ultimately determine the fate of the contents in my cart awaiting checkout.

  • How many different ways can it be used?

  • What item will this compliment or replace?

  • How will you replenish the money that you spent?

Implementing these simple steps allowed me to eliminate the branches of why I was shopping and force me to deal with the root. Shopping had truly become “retail therapy” for me. Because I always found great deals- I never experienced the guilt often associated with overspending. It wasn’t until I took an honest look at myself and my life that I took ownership for my actions. The entire experience has been eye opening for me and as result I have seen so many positive results, like how I saved $7,000 in 6 months. To see how I did it click here.

I hope that you all have found these tips helpful; if you did can you please share any suggestions you have for stopping splurge purchases? I would love to hear them… Comment below....

See you next week!