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Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces can be equally as challenging as it can be intimidating. A little over a year ago, I was challenged with decorating a studio apartment for my nephew. He absolutely loved it. You can watch the process from start to finish here, . Today I would like to share some simple tips to decorate small spaces beautifully and functionally.

  • Purchase pieces that have dual functions- Because he had a studio apartment, we opted for a sleeper sofa in lieu of a bed or sofa.

  • Use powerful patterns and bold colors to leave an impression- We used oranges, reds, blues and yellow hues in his space. The use of these bold colors added layers of interest and texture to the room.

  • Let there be light- Lighting is essential in small spaces. Find unique and decorative lamps to add light and liven up your small space.

  • Find creative storage solutions- Creative storage solutions offer big wins in small spaces. For example, we used an industrial trunk as his coffee table and a place to store his pillows and blankets during the day.

Decorating small spaces can be quite challenging. However, with proper planning; you will be sure to arrive at an end result that you will love. Happy decorating!