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3 Budget Friendly Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Living Spaces

When we moved into our home we looked for and invested in furniture pieces that could serve multiple purposes. Storage can become a challenge in any size home, however, making wise furniture choices can help to solve many of these problems. Here are three of our favorite budget friendly tips for maximizing and organizing your own living space:

  • Purchase double duty furniture- Every accent piece that we have in our living room has a storage option. Purchasing double duty furniture was must for us. We wanted the pieces that were equally as beautiful as they were functional. You can check our complete living room tour featuring double duty pieces here: h

  • A tisket…A tasket…..You must have a basket- Baskets are extremely affordable and offer both storage and style to any living space. I absolutely love incorporating baskets into my home décor because they're accessible and versatile.

  • Magazine holder- Magazine holders are not just for magazines. I use ours to corral our favorite books, magazines, board games and video games. They can also be used for multiple other storage needs such as housing remote controls, small gaming systems, power cords and the list goes on.

If finding space to organize and store things in your home, if you need to save, or just like creative problem-solving, consider all the ways that you can make every piece in your home work double time. I hope you all found these tips helpful and don’t forget to check out the video {} for more visual inspiration.