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Tips for Planning a Sultry Summer Wedding

June is a popular month for summer weddings. I am not sure if it is due to the beautiful array of flowers that are readily available this time of the year or the fact that a romantic honeymoon can easily replace a typical summer vacation. At any rate, this entire month I will be sharing my favorite tips for planning and hosting a sultry summer wedding… Let’s begin with some summer wedding do’s and don’ts….

{Photo Credit: Saving Grace Photography}

  • Do have a Plan B- With days so long and the weather so spectacular, why wouldn't you want to host your nuptials in the sun-soaked outdoors? Mother nature presents some of the most breathtaking backdrops that you will ever witness. However, in the case of torrential rains, it is always good to have a plan B. Having an indoor location removes the added stress on your big day and allows you to focus on creating memories. This tip is key and a huge lesson that I learned while battling one of my biggest party planning challenges ever:

  • Don’t forgo the save-the-dates! Any other time of the year these can be optional for local guest, but during the summer they are a must because it is also a prime vacation time, especially when it comes to families with school-age kids. Send an announcement in advance so everyone save your date on their calendars early and plan accordingly. They have some amazing save the dates available like the ones that we purchased for our fairytale themed wedding from Magnet Street.

  • Do provide some relief from the heat…. Make sure an outdoor venue offers some shade or air-conditioning (tent rentals can include portable air-conditioning systems). Instead of having guests overheat during the ceremony, have an usher pass out small ice-cold hand towels across the rows before it starts. Scatter decorative ice buckets or baskets filled with bottles of water near the ceremony site—and once the dancing begins, place water and chilled fruit cups nearby. You can also create a program in the shape of a fan that can aide in keeping them cool and informed. :

  • Don’t begin your wedding in the heat of the day. Opt for the times that are much cooler and the guest will be sure to appreciate it. Also, starting your wedding after the sunsets will give you great natural lighting for your photos.

  • Don’t forget to provide protection against the sun and the bugs. Sunscreen and bug repellants can be placed in the restroom and the ceremony sites in order to prevent your guest from “blushing” too!

I hope that you all have found these tips helpful as you plan and coordinate your summer weddings. If you should have any additional summer wedding tips or suggestions that you would like for me to cover in future articles, please visit my blog or Facebook page and leave a message. Happy Planning!

Until next time!