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June is the Month to Bloom

In my last tip, I mentioned that I would be sharing wedding ideas the entire month of June. However, after writing my monthly confessions, prayers and goals for June; I thought that I could take a brief break away from the wedding related posts to share with you a few tips on how I set each month up for success. As I mentioned earlier, June is when many weddings occur and that is mostly attributed to the availability of flowers including roses. Watching a rose mature into a full bloom is almost as beautiful as watching your life blossom into something beautiful as you find meaning and purpose.

At the beginning of each month I take the opportunity to reflect, pray and meditate on the things that I would like to accomplish. Afterwards I make a list of those things and pair them with the scripture or quote that aligns with that particular goal or vision. I typically write a different declaration for each day of the month. For example, June has 30 days so I write 3O declarations for June. In addition to that, I make a theme for the entire month… For example, my theme for May was no delay in May and my theme for June is June is the month to Bloom! I know that it may seem a little different, but I promise you that it has made a difference in my daily life.

I truly believe that June is the month to bloom! It marks ½ of the year being completed and it is perfect time to realign yourself with the goals and visions that you have set not only set for the month, but for the entire year! I encourage each of you to purchase a journal and take the opportunity to set goals and make declarations over your life. Prepare to BLOOM. Purpose to BLOOM. Position yourself to BLOOM. To B-L-O-O-M means to have a BETTER LIFESTYLE always expecting OPTIMISTIC OUTCOMES for ME! Are you ready to BLOOM in June?

It’s not too late! Start today… Write down your confessions, affirmations or declarations and say them out loud! Allow them to shape your character… Allow your written thoughts to become your actions, your actions to shape your aim and your aim to position you to apprehend your destiny and purpose.

Let’s Bloom in June!

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Until next time!