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Ideas for Inexpensive Summer Adventures

Summer adventures, vacations or getaways are the perfect way to relax and enjoy some down time with your family. This summer my niece, nephew and brother are visiting me and I wanted to find some inexpensive, yet interesting and educational places that we could visit. So I decided to compile a list of places that we could visit at little to no cost. This was such an eye opening exercise and I look forward to the adventures that we will share and the memories that we will create!

One of the tools that I often use as a professional traveler is TripAdvisor! It is the absolute best in terms of finding the best hotels and restaurants in an area that you are not familiar with. Well, I decided to search my area {although I thought that I was very familiar with all the best places to eat around here}…. To my surprise, I came across a restaurant called the Rattlesnake Saloon that had been featured on the travel channel… I never knew it was there… It was also a small cave that they had turned into somewhat of a resort. The only way you could get there was on a back of a truck that they have charted to transport guest… Sounds like an adventure to me… For my family of five to go, it will cost us around $50! So that is my first tip for finding inexpensive summer getaways:

  • Search for hidden gems in right under your nose…

If you would like a little more adventure than a local restaurant featured on a travel channel, a road trip may be just what the doctor ordered. I absolutely love history, so I decided to look for some historical sites in Alabama that I could visit with my family. The Alabama Tourism Department has assembled a Civil Rights Trail Itinerary so that everyone can experience Alabama’s civil rights history with ease. It starts in Birmingham, AL and ends in Tuskegee, AL. The itinerary which can be found on their site,, gives awesome suggestions for food and hotel accommodations. There are also little activities for the children to complete for educational purposes prior to taking off for this four day historical adventure. Which brings me to tip #2….

  • Take a road trip that goes down in history….

Finally, if you are looking to take a luxurious vacation for less… Check out my top five tips for planning a luxurious vacation for less here, My husband and I have journeyed to Bora, Bora, Tahiti, Jamaica and sooo beautiful places using these tips!

I hope you find these tips useful when planning your next getaway! Until next time!