5 Tips for Setting up a Holiday Buffet

We have a huge family, and when we get together to celebrate the holidays, we always set up our food buffet style. Setting up a buffet allows for a better flow of the food and ensures that all your dishes will be accessible and visible for selecting with ease. Here are a few of my favorite tips that I use to set up a successful buffet for the holidays.

Tip One: Decide on your Menu

I love cooking traditional Thanksgiving dishes; however, over the past few years, my family has enjoyed me incorporating a few nontraditional options. If you are looking for some delicious new fall dishes, check them out here!

Tip Two: Select your Serving Dishes Ahead of Time

Shop your china cabinets, entertainment closet or your relative’s home to find the dishes to house the items on your menu. Taking the time out to do this activity will decrease the risk of you running out of platters for your food, and it is also a huge time saver. If you are interested in how to create a beautiful buffet; check out my process from start to finish here.

Tip Three: Create a Drink & Dessert Stations in a Separate Space

Creating drink and dessert stations in a separate space will aid in keeping the flow seamless. I often like to create a drink bar that is easily accessible for guests throughout the entire meal and a dessert station that serves as eye candy until guest are ready to enjoy. If you would like to create a dessert station for your family this year; check out my tutorial here.

Tip Four: Determine the Flow of Your Buffet