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Super Easy Super Bowl Sunday Dish

I love entertaining in and around our home. Over the past few years, I have had to master last minute menu items as the hubby is always planning game day parties and making me aware of them on game day {insert side eye}. I have had to create a catalog of last minute treats that were touchdown worthy. That catalog also houses my play making Mexican Corn Salad!

Mexican corn salad and it makes for a great side or game day dip that can be paired with tortilla chips, nachos or inside mini taco salad shells. It can be served warm or chilled. Below you will find my simple step by step recipe for a fantastic and filling Mexican Corn Salad:

Ingredients Needed: • (1) can of Mexican Corn • (1) can of whole kernel sweet corn • (1) tomato diced • (1) box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese • (1/2) red onion diced • (1/2 cup) green onions chopped • (1) cup of shredded Three Cheese Blend • (1) container of pico de gallo (I normally purchase the fresh market brand at Wal-Mart) Optional: • (1/4) cup of jalapeño peppers Directions: 1. Melt one 16 ounce cream cheese block in microwave...It should take less than a minute... Be careful not to overcook or it will burn (don't ask me how I know)!! LOL! 2. Pour access water off of both cans of corn and mix in with cream cheese. (You can use two cans of Mexican Corn, but I use one because I add so many other veggies). 3. Mix in the following ingredients: • (1)tomato diced • (1) box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese • (1/2) of the ½ red onion diced • (1/2 ) of ½ cup green onions chopped • (1/2) cup of shredded Three Cheese Blend • (1) container of pico de gallo • Optional: pour in ¼ of jalapeno peppers along with juice 4. Smooth out the top of the corn salad and garnish with cheese and top with remaining tomatoes, green onions and purple onions… 5. Chill and serve. *Please not that it can be served hot or cold. My family likes it cold; so I chill it for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. The more it marinates the better it tastes! 6. Enjoy! Like this recipe? Leave comment to let me know how it turned out and what variations you made if any. Also, if you are planning a big game day bash this weekend be sure to check out this video for inspiration.