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Tips for Celebrating a Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day

Confession, my husband has never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. He once told me that he would never allow one day dictate how much he loves me and how he chooses to demonstrate that love. On the flip side- I love it… All the love and beauty that I see displayed during this time of the year gives me butterflies. I just love, love. So each year, I challenge myself to come up with a budget friendly way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our home. He absolutely loves celebrating our love this way and rushes home each year to see what I have in store for him. With that being said, today I will be sharing with you tips and ideas for a budget friendly Valentine’s Day celebration in or around your home.

  • A Romantic Spa Night- This one can be so cost effective and fun… All you will need to create a romantic spa night for two at home is some massage oils, scented lotion, candles and soft music. It will make for such a relaxing stress free night. You can check out how I did mine here:

  • Fan Your Flames- If you have a fireplace or a backyard fire pit, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy a cozy fire. Place blanket down in front of your fireplace and enjoy some delicious chocolate covered strawberries paired with a blushing beverage of your choice. Create some notecards with questions that you all can ask one another and take a walk down lovers lane. If notecards are not in the cards for your romantic night, opt to spend the evening looking through old photos and remembering some of your favorite times together.

  • Dance and Dine- I think that this is my hubby’s favorite one of all times. Each year I create a tablescape and a makeshift dance floor in our home. We dressed up and have dinner in our very own dining room. I prepare the meal ahead of time and allow it to keep warm in the oven as we dress. Afterwards, we dance the night away listening to our favorite love songs carefully selected by the two us! We often pause between each dance to dedicate the song we have chosen to one another. It makes for such a beautiful, romantic and memorable night!

I hope that you all have enjoyed me sharing my tips and ideas for celebrating a budget friendly Valentine’s Day. For more tips and ideas be sure to visit me on my Youtube Channel and watch this playlist that I have specifically dedicated to Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your spouse or significant other, girlfriends or children!