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Luxe Academy is Open for Enrollment

I am pleased to announce that Luxe Academy is now open for registration. We have three different options to suit your personal learning styles and needs. Please click here to see our upcoming training schedule.

Luxe Academy will equip you with the guidance, direction, instruction and insight that you will need in order to establish a successful business in wedding and event planning. For those of you who have followed my journey on my Youtube channel, Living Luxuriously for Less, you have personally witnessed how I have moved from planning small parties for family and friends to launching my very own intimate event center, Luxe Studio.

There were so many steps that I was unable to document via YouTube due to overwhelming nature of the process. However, I was able to create a process map that will teach you how to plan and beautifully execute weddings, birthdays, anniversaries baby showers, milestone parties, meetings and events for corporate clients.

This course will be equally as exciting as it will be educational. We will hold nothing back… We want to give you tools to the questions that go answered… Where purchase your linens? Where can I find those chairs? How do I write a contract? How do I secure corporate clients? Pricing? Packages? How do I build a backdrop? How do I get my license? What about trademarking my name? And the list goes on….

When you leave this course you will have everything that you will need to be successful in this industry! Our mission is empower you to reach your maximum potential as a planner and as a person! Enroll today by clicking here!

Here is what you can expect:

•How to create a simple and executable business plan

•How to choose a business name and obtain a license

•How to trademark your name and protect your intellectual property

•How to build your inventory

•How to establish services and create pricing packages

•How to generate a contract

•How to hold a consultation with a client

•Where to purchase your inventory {comprehensive list}

•How to brand your business

•How to build basic backdrops

•How to get paid

•How to excel in event planning


You will not find a better value for the quality of information that I will be sharing! Enroll today by clicking here! Class is in session!

Melanie, Living Luxurious for Less