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How to Prepare for Spring Cleaning without Getting Overwhelmed

If you are anything like me, you don’t jump up and down when you hear the words, “spring cleaning.” I immediately begin to feel overwhelmed when I think of all the areas in and around our home and businesses that need to be refreshed. Getting into the mind frame to “clean and organize” is a process for me. So today I will be sharing a few of my tips for mentally preparing to spruce our spaces.

• Imagine the outcome- I love to look at images on Pinterest, watch Youtube magazines and thumb through the pages of beautiful coffee table books and magazines for inspiration! Nikki’s new book will undoubtedly serve up some inspiration!

• Make a list- I don’t know why, but having a checklist always seems to work for me. There is just a sense of accomplishment that I can’t accurately describe when I put a little check next to the task at hand.

• Get new tools- Purchasing new tools can be just what you need to give you that extra motivation for the organizational process. I recently hauled some new organization tools at Hobby Lobby for 75% off. Finding these pieces at a fraction of the price certainly inspired me to get a jump start on my spring cleaning.

• Start small- Start cleaning organizing in small areas to gain momentum. I recently cleaned and organized under all of my bathroom sinks, and it was gratifying. I am now able to enjoy a beautiful, clean and organized space. You can see it here:

• Save the best for last- Once you have cleaned, decluttered and organize your areas; go back and add a few fantastic pieces to give it that extra oomph. Saving the styling and decorating for last keeps you motivated to cross that finish line in the marathon of spring cleaning.

If cleaning your house top to bottom proves to be more than you can handle with your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to ask for or hire help! There are so many resources available to help you attain the clean, well-organized and functional home that you desire!

Until next time!