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3 Fashion Tips for Dressing Slimmer this Spring

It is true that summer bodies are made in the winter, however, if you are anything like me you thoroughly enjoyed food, fun, and family over the winter months. When working out and eating right are on the horizon, these figure-flattering styles will definitely do the trick. So today, I will be sharing my top three fashion tips for dressing slimmer this spring.

Tip No. One- Always accentuate the positive. Think proportion. I am heavier in my mid-section, so I opt to pair a loose fitting top with a snugger fitting bottom. I absolutely love blouses that gather or have a faux layered look like

that I picked up at Walmart for $4.98.

Tip No. Two- Wear all black with a pop of color. The theory is that very dark clothes make your outline less visible in dim light and that it conceals creases and folds in your body. Monochromatic dressing can aid in you looking appearing slimmer, but it shouldn’t take away the fun of expressing your personality through the way you dress. If wearing all black is too simple for your taste, be sure to pair it will a bold pop of color.

Tip No. Three- Go Nude! Find a pair of heels and pantyhose that match your skin-tone and watch the magic happen. I am only 5’4 and wearing nude heels have definitely given the illusion that my legs were much longer than they are when I am wearing skirts and dresses.

I know I promised you all three tips, but I must include this bonus tip before I leave. Choosing the proper undergarments are essentials in dressing slimmer this spring and all year round. Proper undergarments will redefine your waistline and promote good posture. Be sure to select those that are comfortable and offer full coverage. With that being said, I think I have covered my favorite fashion tips for dressing slimmer this spring! Which one was your favorite?

Until next time,